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Do you have questions that Need Answers? Or you are wanting to be more aware of your future? Are you wanting to know more about your energy and spiritual path? The Psychic Aura Specializes in many services.

Victoria is Available for In-Home one on one sessions, Events, Phone, and E-mail. All sessions can be done from anywhere in the world.

For more Info or to make an Appointment Please Call (954) 405-5068 

Having a psychic reading can be a real-life changing experience, Victoria does not just give readings, but she believes in producing Solutions.

Do you suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety?

Are you having difficulty finding, giving, or receiving love? Are you at a lost in your career?

Do you suffer from addictions?

Are you just feeling stuck and lost?

Have you tried other avenues of help with no success?

If yes, then you may be experiencing a spiritual blockage.

We all have our own aura and energy, which says so much about you and your life, your aura can determine whether you are happy and content or if you are stressed and overwhelmed. You have control over your aura and the energy that you project out. You're sure has layers to it that act as a filter collecting all types of different energies, thoughts, feelings, emotions, Etc. both good and bad and sometimes the bad or negativity builds up within your filter and creates blockages and suffocation. This is very common and also very fixable. Every so often your spirit may need to undergo some cleansing, balancing, or strengthening. Just as you would care for yourself physically, you're spiritual is just as important. We believe that the path to peace of mind sometimes encounters Roadblocks, Victoria can help you meet these Roadblocks head on, and help you overcome them, and Advise you on What to do to Avoid oncoming ones in the future.

Victoria can help you take Control of your Future. Your future is constantly changing, You are constantly changing, Victoria will help you respond to these changes by helping you to make the right decisions and influence them into your favor.

Allow Victoria to bring Clarity and Control into your life so you can approach your Aims and Desires with Confidence.




Palm Reading

A palm reading is a general characteristic reading, it will tell you your strengths and your weaknesses it will give you an overview on your life and may answer some of your questions. Palmistry is a very ancient and dates back to BCE. This reading is extremely good for someone who’s never had a reading before and who is looking for an experience.

Psychic Aura Reading

This type of reading is done with no tools. Strictly ability. This is a past, present, and future reading. This reading will tune into your specific aura and energy to reveal your past present and future experiences also tapping into your feelings and emotions. This reading is very in-depth and does answer questions that you will have about yourself and sometimes others around you. This reading is very good for someone who is interested in knowing about their own personal life understanding where they have been and know what choices they need to make to get to where they want to go.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading is the most popular of all other readings. It’s reading tells you past present and future experiences not only about yourself but also about people around you. This reading is very pinpointed and gives you direct answers to your questions. Tarot cards are very spontaneous the cards will not only tell you things that you want to know what they will also tell you things that you need to know.

Crystal Reading

Crystal reading is a reading that helps you have a better understanding of your self and your spirit. During the session you will be asked to Choose a Crystal from and assortment of stones and then your energy will be read along side within the Crystal. This reading mostly focuses on helping you identify blockages that may be deeper within your spiritual self and helping you to understand more of where the blockages are coming from and most importantly what you can do to help release it.


About Victoria

Victoria is a Professional Psychic and certified life coach.
Born with the gift to see and feel Aura and Energy of a person, Victoria has the ability to go deep within one's inner self and reveal Past, Present, and Future experiences, she can also take on your feelings and emotions, not only can she do this for you, but she can also tune into others in your life path as well.
With such high frequency abilities to give extremely accurate Psychic Readings revealed to Victoria at an early age, she was devoted to only grow into her abilities fully and use her gift to help others who are in immediate need just as her ancestors before her.
Victoria has studied in the art of Tarot, Past Life, Aura, Soul Mate, Crystal, Meditation, Career Forecasts, Palm, Charka, Spiritual Cleansing and has mastered them all.
Through your reading you will find Honesty, Confidentiality, and Understanding. Victoria's reading style is "Honest, Compassionate, Confident, and to the point" Victoria will not tell you what you want to hear But what you need to hear, and she will tell you what she sees good or bad.
Victoria says that "you need to be open to having a reading, I don't expect to connect with everyone 100% of the time. If you are not open to a reading of if I just can't connect I will always inform you"
Victoria has devoted most of her life to her work and she says "I am not just a reader, energy worker, healer, or spiritualist but I am also a teacher"
Victoria loves to teach her clients how to maintain their own spiritual balance, she designs meditations and teaches people how to meditate.
Please feel free to contact Victoria at any time.

(954) 405-5068

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